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October 1, 2007 by JamesSerral
Wellll, its been awhile since I'v put up a blog, but I've been wondering about something and finally decided to post. So, why do people that circumcise their child/infant because their religion tells them to think it is ok? Isn't that forcing your religion on them? Isn't that a big no no? Shouldn't this choice be made by the person the operation is being performed on?

I realize the religion may be important to the parents, but the child might follow another religion, or maybe even none a...
April 7, 2007 by JamesSerral
What do you really know about circumcision? You may have heard of health benefits, but what are they and how important are they? Are they important enough to not give your son a choice? What do you really know about an intact penis? After finding out as much information as I could, I am against the procedure, but I will attempt to give you an unbiased (as much as possible), balanced, perspective on circumcision. This might get kinda long, there is a Summary section at the end if you want a ...
February 8, 2007 by JamesSerral
While reading an article on homosexuality, I noticed a lot of people would ask the same question, "what is normal". I don't see why people find it so confusing, it is simple. Normal, of course, is everything the bible says is right (if you aren't religious, it is what you don't find disgusting). Abnormal is everything the bible says is wrong (and what you find sick).

Some people try to propose homosexuality is something that is in genetics that they are born with it, which of course is no...
November 23, 2006 by JamesSerral
Ah, just found this website... seems like a good community. And for those of you wondering, my article on homosexuality was written in complete sarcasm. Link